Two NIF workshops in Leipzig (24.9.) and Prague (9.10.): Call for participation

With the almost finished standardization of the ITS 2.0, we are also close to provide a complete NIF 2.0 specification.
WS 1 is a more general tutorial held in conjunction with the LSWT and WS 2 is a more specialized  workshop with developers and expert discussions and coding. While the former is for teaching and dissemination the latter is for advancing NIF and NER benchmarking and community meet and greet.

WS 1, 24.9.2013, Leipzig: Content Analysis and the Semantic Web (Tutorial)
held in conjunction with the Leipziger Semantic Web Tag

Session 1: Semantic Web and NLP – Sebastian Hellmann, INFAI
Session 2 & 3: Relation Extraction and Opinion Mining – Feiyu Xu, DFKI
Session 4: Interactive session, Q&A, hands-on
More info here:

WS 2, 9.10.2013, Prague: NIF workshop: An open benchmark for Wikipedia-Based NER
held in conjunction with the LOD2 plenary meeting (

The NLP Interchange Format (NIF) 2.0 is currently created and is taking shape. One large topic is to create interoperable Named Entity Recognition and Linking tools and corpora to ease the engineering burden, when benchmarking such systems. This workshop is a developer meeting to talk about:

  • NIF & NER: how currently NIF meets the needs of the NER community, and what is missing? Is it feasible to create a universal best practice?
  • NIF & GATE: whether and how can NIF be incorporated in GATE?
  • NIF & GATE NER eval framework: brainstorming on ideas for future research on how multilingual NER tools can be evaluated with support of GATE, DBpedia and possibly NIF.

More information available here:

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