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NIF and its community project NLP2RDF serve as an umbrella project liaising with other community of practices, especially:


NIF was originally created by a small team from AKSW at University of Leipzig during the LOD2 EU Project, which is still ongoing until 2014.

Maintainers and supporters

Below we are listing the projects and institutions that either support NIF or are part of the NLP2RDF project.

LIDER EU Project


The NLP2RDF project receives funding from the FP7 LOD2 EU project, the LIDER EU project and the .

Open-source projects

The NLP2RDF/NIF infrastructure relies upon these free and openly available services:

Although we often take these services for granted, it is obvious that developing NIF completely from scratch would not have been feasible.

Individual contributions (TODO cleanup)

This page lists the involved people and their contributions in the creation and adoption of NIF (this list is never complete, please email , if you are missing).

We especially thank all participants in the field test of NIF 1.0:

  • Markus Ackermann  for
  • Martin Brümmer for and for
  • Didier Cherix for
  • Marcus Nitzschke for
  • for


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