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My name is Robert Schulze and like Marcus I’m studying computer science at the University of Leipzig. For the practical course of the lecture “Software aus Komponente” I created a wrapper for the web service, that generates NIF output.

The wrapper uses the to find named entities in a given text input. It’s implemented in Node.js, runs as a web service itself and fulfills all normative and (almost) all interface requirements given by the NIF-1.0 specification. Please have a look at the  for a detailed overview. Additionally to the specification I added JSONP as a output format. JSONP output allows JavaScript developers to create client side software on top of my implementation.

For future development I would like to support N-Triples,  Turtle and N3 as output formats. Because to the best of my knowledge there is no RDF framework/library/tool written in JavaScript or for Node.js, that supports transformations between these formats and RDF/XML, this is not the easiest goal to achieve. Furthermore I think it would be convenient to have a small reference implementation that uses the JSONP output.

Additionalparameter None.
Status NIF 1.0 compliant without RDF/XML input; JSONP output

RDF | JSON | N3 | NTriples

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